Welcome to Returnity Lost & Found Tracking Software
Welcome to Returnity Lost & Found Tracking Software
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Returnity PLUS: Network System Download

Returnity PLUS: Network System Download

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Network System: For use on a Network Shared Drive, Unlimited Computers

Returnity PLUS has all of the features of The Original Returnity, PLUS:

  • EVIDENCE: Returnity PLUS expands on Returnity by including a broad Evidence feature that can be used by Security Departments to manage items of a critical or legal nature.  Specified Evidence Users have additional access to this more secured area, while kept private from General Users.
  • There are additional entry fields for Evidence Storage and supplemental Descriptive information, Content Review of Storage Areas and Reporting specific to Evidence Data.

Returnity is the core of the Returnity Software programs and as with all of the products, Returnity is Menu-driven to enhance ease of use.  When adding a new Lost or Found entry, item details are entered into a new, case specific Case Detail Form that is customizable to your environment, including Photo Attachment possibilities, change of Item Types and change of Location specifics.  Once you have established your establishments parameters, new item entry is a breeze. 

Loaded with a variety of unique features, one of Returnity's best is Auto Record Matching.  When a new Lost or Found Case is entered, Returnity automatically searches the database for possible corresponding entries, based on a predetermined combination of color, serial number, location, size or make.  Administrators can set the time-frame that the search entails.

All Returnity Software Products are Windows based, with no additional software purchases necessary. Returnity operates in conjunction with MicroSoft Access x32. A Runtime version will be provided when needed.

System Requirements:
Windows Operating System
MS Access (Office Suite)

Additional Features:

  • Full Network Installation Capabilities
  • Category/Parameter Search: User ability to search via General Category or specific Parameter search for items by keyword.
  • Administrator/Security: Administrator ability to apply permissions to individual logins.   All logins are Username/Password driven giving traceability to all editable actions in the history.
  • Dispositioning/Notifications:  Returnity has a variety of Dispositioning & Notification features to track organize each item's history as well as group status'.
  • Reporting:  A wide variety of exportable Reports options are available.
  • Program Generated Email Notifications, Return To Finder Option, Auction Management, Label Printing and Much More!